Our Founder & Owner

Founder & Owner

Stephanie McDonald

Stephanie McDonald is neurodivergent, a proud member of the 2SLGBTGIA+community, and her passion is to help employees navigate their careers with grace, confidence, and strength.

After receiving first-class legal training from leading plaintiff side firms, Stephanie started her own practice to serve clients more authentically and gain control over her practice.

Stephanie prides herself on not just executing effective legal strategies and making her clients a lot of money, but also leading her clients through the process with encouragement, connection and compassion.

At Workplace Sage Legal, we provide human-first and trauma-informed employment law services from the heart

What does Human-First and Trauma-Informed mean to us?

We know that consulting and retaining a lawyer to manage a workplace conflict can be stressful and uncomfortable; so we do everything we can to make the process easy, lighthearted, and safe.

We run a human-first and trauma-informed practice through:

1. Empathetic Support & Informed Choices

2. Safety

3. Respect for Boundaries

4. Ongoing Education

5. Accommodations 

Empathetic Support & Informed Choices

At Workplace Sage Legal, we empower my clients to make choices that align with their values, preferences, and priorities. We pay attention to our clients’ needs and feelings while maintaining a cool, calm, and composure to guide them to meeting those needs.

We provide validation, positive feedback, and encouragement to support our clients through the legal process and toward their career goals. 

We break down complex concepts into clear terms, and give clients all the information needed to make an informed decision.


At Workplace Sage Legal, we provide a safe, friendly, and confidential environment for clients to obtain advice without fear. 

We maintain a non-judgmental attitude as we sit and actively listen with empathy and care. 

We build and maintain trust by giving clients an accurate estimate of the likelihood of success, providing a clear picture of the nature of the legal process, and carefully following through on client instructions. 

Respect for Boundaries

We observe our clients’ preferences, triggers, boundaries, and values seriously and without judgment. 

We are flexible with manner, content, timing, or duration of communications and meetings. 

We are clear about our own boundaries and limits and enforce them consistently. 

Ongoing Education

We are committed to continuing to learn about trauma from qualified individuals. 

We are committed to fostering a safe environment that clients feel comfortable providing honest and candid feedback about. 

We are committed to seeking out feedback and responding without defensiveness, judgment, or blame. 


We are extremely open to accommodating our clients in any way they see fit, big or small. We are also happy to work with clients to come up with a plan that will assist in improving their access to legal services. 

Our goal is to ensure that the clients who would like to access our services are able to do so with minimal effort. 

If you have any accommodation requests, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention.

Our Practice Areas

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to Delivering Incredible Results

Hiring an employment lawyer can help you elevate your career, reduce stress, conquer workplace challenges and obtain a fair severance package if you lose your job.

Elevate your Career

Having a lawyer on your side can help elevate your career by arming you with a strong understanding of your rights, negotiating favourable employment terms, advocating on your behalf, and assisting you as you navigate your career development.

Reduce Stress

Having someone on your team who knows you, understands your job, and knows the mechanisms by which your rights and interests can be enforced can reduce stress and give you peace of mind.

Conquer Workplace Challenges

Workplace challenges and conflicts are stressful. We can help you work through workplace challenges with dignity, tenacity, and integrity.

Obtain a Fair Severance Package

Most first severance offers provided to employees on termination have significant room for improvement and negotiation. While most employers try to pay terminated employees only their minimum entitlements, most employees in Ontario are entitled to reasonable notice of the termination of their employment.

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